What Is Structural vs. Social SEO?

Posted in SEO on August 21, 2011
What is the difference between Structural vs. Social SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seems to get a lot of buzz effect on the internet, strictly because there is this idea that if you follow everything there is to know about SEO, you can, with ease, get your website to the top entry of your selected search criteria. This is a little bit like the story of the snake oil salesman who has a simple elixir that will cure everything that ails you.

The fact is, that there are so many factors that are in control of where you rank for a particular search phrase, that you can barely get your head around them, much more to follow some magic formula to the top. Many of these factors are beyond the control of most people. Some are completely out of your control. However, what companies DO strive for is to get a handle on those specific things they CAN do to help themselves in the long run. We'll talk about those here with regard to structural and social SEO.

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Increasing Your Conversion Rate

Posted in Marketing on August 20, 2011
Increasing Your Conversion Rate

We have met many a company president that seems perplexed about why his online sales have yet to increase while traffic has increased. In many ways, it's hard to imagine why this isn't the case. After all, you surely don't go to a store without buying something do you?

If you are talking about getting in your car and driving a few miles to the grocery store, perhaps this is still true. However, today's social-savvy shopper, might even check that store out on his/her mobile phone before ever driving there. Such is the very nature of this new phenomenon. With financial times getting tougher, and with the every-increasing social network becoming a lifeline, these trends are sure to continue. So, assuming you get a user to your website, how can you increase the probability he will buy?. Many of the answers are actually quite common sensical and easy to implement.

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XML - The Promise of a new Vision

Posted in Web Technologies on August 12, 2011
XML - The Promise of a New Vision

Chances are you have seen that unusual trilogy of letters meandering around on bookshelves, technology newsletters, IT manager's desks and even splashed on the beloved Microsoft web site. If you listen to the voices in the fray, its the next best thing to sliced bread. Come to think of it, what WAS the best thing before sliced bread?

Like all markup languages, XML was designed to manipulate information chunks independently from their presentation. Encoded instructions tell applications exactly what to do with these chunks much the same way as your word processor has commands to format a paragraph or bold the selected text. What has everyone so excited, is the extensibility, that is, its flexibility to easily adapt to the nature of the application for specialized situations. Let's examine a little about XML and why it has a bright future.

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The Importance of the Blog

It might be easy to dismiss the idea of the blog as an active portion of a corporate web site, but its value has increased dramatically with the ever changing landscape of internet marketing.

With the popularity of individual blogs, the intrinsic acceptance of these little blobs of information has increased. So much so, that the standard search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, have begun to pay more attention to them. Indexing blogs has increased the kinds of hits that the user will receive to a standard search engine query. The more hits, the more opportunity for advertising, which leads to revenue for those search engine companies. So, it is no wonder that they gleefully allow free blogging accounts.

With this explicit acceptance by the search engines, comes the opportunity for all owners of web pages to usurp benefit. The blog now becomes one of the cornerstones of what we call social marketing, that is, it hubs the world of social interaction. From a pure marketing standpoint, it is an opportunity to display expertise, provide useable information and more importantly, linked content that the search engines love to spout back under user decree. By integrating blog content with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, and others, a sort of "wheel" can be created that gives the search engines what they want, while giving us, the savvy business, a new way to get into that search engine game more pervasively.

Entropy Dynamimcs has professionals on staff that specialize in search engine optimization strategies, including structural SEO (how your pages are coded) as well as social SEO (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc ). We integrate these new, web-based strategies into an overall company marketing strategy to provide for maximum benefit. Beware of those SEO companies that promise high ranks in a very short period of time. Their techniques can, in the long run, cause your ranking to be massively penalized by the search engines to where you will never see the front page again!

Please contact us directly or through the contact page to allow us to further explain the benefits of using social and structural SEO to amplify your brand on the internet!

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